Laying service

We lay the exclusive leather floors and, of course, install the leather wall panels with our specially trained staffs directly on the property, if desired, or we deliver to a local partner.





EU country and Monaco

Mileage flat rate per km traveled, arrival / departure or flight per employee, per hour of arrival / departure



Travel to any place in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherland, Belgium, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Spain, GB

Mileage flat rate per km traveled, arrival / departure per employee, per hour of arrival / departure


Arrival worldwide, e.g. Vacation home

Travel costs for flights etc. are offered in a separate offer and are based on the current ticket prices.


Laying work on site

Billing per hour and specialist, plus any material that may be required for the preparation of the overnight package, depending on the location.
Flat-rate expenses per employee, depending on the country and location.

A team from LELEDO Leather Flooring Manufacturory, consisting of at least 2 specialists from our company, is then on site.





We have a passion for creating
new and unique spaces.






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If you have any question, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


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