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The substrate for laying leather floors needs to be solid, flat, dry, and crack and dust free. Moreover it has to match VOB-DIN 18365 concerning floor cover working and is not allowed to change those characteristics any more. If the underground gets filled, it is necessary to bring up a bonding bridge.

Before being laid, the floor plates need to acclimatise. Therefore, keep the closed packages in the middle of the concerned room for 2 to 3 days – free of draught. Ideal therefore would be a protecting underlay with a minimum gap of 50 centimeters to the next wall.

When laying nonconfirming plates, future customer complaints are not valid.

The laying

The laying is to be started along a wall or a line that has been drawn in advance. We recommend to lay in bond, i.e. the next row of plates is installed so that it is displaced by half a plate.

The leather tiles of the SOFT-TOUCH leather collection and VELOUR leather collection with spanned leather are supposed to only be cut near the wall. When being cut, the leather does not span the edges of the underground leather or cork anymore and like that the floor could be damaged. If cut plates are installed in the middle of the room, the leather may be detached from the plate when being stressed heavily. For cutting you should use a sharp carpet cutter and a solid rail.


For aglutinating leather floors, we recommend our LELEDO LEATHER FLOOR MANUFACTORY special leather glue, which we developed in cooperation with a manufacturer of adhesive technology for laying leather tiles. When laying, it is essential to rework with a pressure roller. When laying with your own adhesive, please also note the other processing instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.
If you use another adhesive, please contact us.

Laying on underfloor heating

Our leather tiles and the cork plates that we use as basis do not exceed the critical value when it comes to overall heat transfer resistance of underfloor heatings. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for being laid in rooms with underfloor heating. Nevertheless, the appropriate amount of contact adhesive is especially important here: The maximum residual moisture of the floor screed is reduced to 1.8% (cement screed) respectively 0.3% (calcium sulphate screed). The surface temperature of the screed is not to exceed 28°C.

The generally accepted instructions of the profession are to be respected. Due to underdrying, the appearance of joints cannot be eliminated. That´s why the use of air humidifiers is recommended.

Surface treatment

All of our leather floors are to be impregnated again after having been laid. This, of course, is done by our experts after laying the floor. Before this final treatment the floor has to be vacuumed well. For sealing we recommend our nano special leather spray that we developed for impregnating leather floors – together with a producer of care products. In general, the floor should be impregnated newly every two years at the latest, depending on exposure.


Have a look at: Care instructions leatherflooring.

The above Notes are under any exclusion of the warranty on our part.


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